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    Martin Eilers: Cell Proliferation


    Our group is interested in how cell proliferation and cell growth are deregulated in human tumors. We focus our studies on the Myc gene family: those are proto-oncogenes that drive the growth of many human tumors. They encode transcription factors that regulate genes involved in cell proliferation, cell growth and metabolism. Our group studies the function of new proteins and tries to find ways to target them for tumor therapy.

    Recent Publications 

    Dejure, F.R., Royla, N., Herold, S., Kalb, J., Walz, S., Ade, C.P., Mastrobuoni, G., Vanselow, J., Schlosser, A., Wolf, E., Kempa, S., and Eilers, M. (2017) The 3’-UTR of MYC couples RNA polymerase II function to ribonucleotide levels. EMBO J, Apr 13 doi:10.15252/embj.201796662. [Epub ahead of print]

    Dauch, D., Rudalska, R., Cossa, G., Nault, J.G., Kang, T.W., Wuestefeld, T., Hohmeyer, A., Imbeaud, S., Yevsa, T., Hoenicke, L., Pantsar, T., Bozko, P., Malek, N.P., Longerich, T., Laufer, S., Poso, A., Zucman-Rossi, J., Eilers, M., and Zender, L. (2016) A MYC-Aurka protein complex represents an actionable target in p53 altered liver cancer. Nature Medicine, 22(7):744-53. doi: 10.1038/nm.4107.

    von Eyss, B., Jaenicke, L.A., Kortlever, R.M., Royla, N., Wiese, K.E., Letschert, L., McDuffus, L.A., Sauer, M., Rosenwald, A., Evan, G.I., Kempa, S., and Eilers, M. (2015) A MYC-driven change in mitochondrial dynamics limits YAP/TAZ function in mammary epithelial cells and breast cancer. Cancer Cell, 28:743-57.

    Wiegering, A., Uthe, F.W., Jamieson, T., Ruoss, Y., Hüttenrauch, M., Küspert, M., Pfann, C., Nixon C., Herold, S., Walz, S., Taranets, L., Germer, C.T., Rosenwald, A., Sansom, O.J., and Eilers, M. (2015) Targeting translation initiation bypasses signaling crosstalk mechanisms that maintain high MYC levels in colorectal cancer. Cancer Discovery, 5:768-81.

    Walz, S., Lorenzin, F., Morton, J., Wiese, K.E., von Eyss, B., Herold, S., Rycak, L., Dumay-Odelot, H., Karim, S., Bartkuhn, M., Roels, F., Wuestefeld, T., Fischer, M., Teichmann, M., Zender, L., Wei, C. L., Sansom, O., Wolf, E., and Eilers, M. (2014) Activation and repression by oncogenic Myc shape tumour-specific gene expression profiles. Nature 511: 483-487.


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