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    Manfred Gessler: Wilms Tumor Genetics


    Wilms tumor, or nephroblastoma, is the second most common solid neoplasm of childhood. We host the German Wilms tumor bank and we utilize this resource to screen tumors for prognostic markers that may help to stratify patients in future trials.

    Our research focusses on the functional analysis of novel genes that drive Wilms tumor formation. Besides the established WT1 and CTNNB1 genes we analyze the miRNA processing genes DROSHA and DGCR8, the SIX1/2 homeobox genes and the MYCN pathway. We use high throughput sequence analysis as well as tumor culture and model systems to elucidate how embryonic kidney precursor cells evade terminal differentiation and remain in a highly proliferate state to form a tumor.

    Recent Publications

    Wegert, J., Ishaque, N., Vardapour, R., Georg, C., Gu, Z., Bieg, M., Ziegler, B., Bausenwein, S., Nourkami, N., Ludwig, N. Keller, A., Grimm, C., Kneitz, S., Williams, R. D., Chagtai, T., Pritchard-Jones, K., van Sluis, P., Volckmann, R., Koster, J., Versteeg, R., Acha, T., O'Sullivan, M. J., Bode, P. K., Niggli, F., Tytgat, G. A., van Tinteren, H., van den Heuvel-Eibrink, M. M., Meese, E., Vokuhl, C., Leuschner, I., Graf, N., Eils, R., Pfister, S. M., Kool, M., Gessler, M. (2015). Mutations in the SIX1/2 Pathway and the DROSHA/DGCR8 miRNA Microprocessor Complex Underlie High-Risk Blastemal Type Wilms Tumors. Cancer Cell 27, 298-311.

    Williams, R.D., Chagtai, T., Alcaide-German, M., Apps, J., Wegert, J., Popov, S., Vujanic, G., van Tinteren, H., van den Heuvel-Eibrink, M.M., Kool, M. de Kraker, J., Gisselsson, D., Graf, N., Gessler, M., Pritchard-Jones, K. (2015). Multiple mechanisms of MYCN dysregulation in Wilms tumour. Oncotarget, Oncotarget 6, 7232-7243

    Wegert, J., Bausenwein, S., Roth, S., Graf, N., Geissinger, E., and Gessler, M. (2012). Characterization of primary Wilms tumor cultures as an in vitro model. Genes, Chromosomes & Cancer 51, 92-104.

    Schmitt, J., Heisel, S., Keller, A., Leidinger, P., Ludwig, N., Habel, N., Furtwangler, R., Nourkami-Tutdibi, N., Wegert, J., Grundy, P., Gessler, M., Graf, N., Lenhof, H.P., and Meese, E. (2012). Multicenter study identified molecular blood-born protein signatures for Wilms Tumor. International Journal of Cancer 131, 673-682.

    Wegert, J., Bausenwein, S., Kneitz, S., Roth, S., Graf, N., Geissinger, E., and Gessler, M. (2011). Retinoic acid pathway activity in Wilms tumors and characterization of biological responses in vitro. Molecular Cancer 10, 136.


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