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    Elmar Wolf: Coordination of cell growth


    Growth is a basic principle of life but deregulation of growth is also a hallmark of human cancers. Our group is interested in how cell growth is coordinated by the oncoprotein Myc. It is well established that Myc increases the production of all growth-relevant components on one hand and that uncoordinated cell growth influences the activity of Myc on the other hand. However the mechanistical details of this cross-talk are largely unknown. We use genome wide technology like next generation sequencing to investigate how Myc and cell growth are interconnected in the process of tumorigenesis.

    Recent Publications

    Lorenzin F, Benary U, Baluapuri A, Walz S, Jung LA, von Eyss B, Kisker C, Wolf J, Eilers M, Wolf E (2016) Different promoter affinities account for specificity in MYC-dependent gene regulation, eLife, e15161

    Vo BT*, Wolf E*, Kawauchi D, Gebhardt A, Rehg JE, Finkelstein D, Walz S, Murphy BL, Youn YH, Han YG, Eilers M*, Roussel MF*(2016) The interaction of Myc with Miz1 defines medulloblastoma subgroup identity, Cancer Cell, 29, 5-16 *joined first and senior authors

    Wolf E, Lin CY, Eilers M, Levens DL (2014) Taming of the beast: shaping Myc-dependent amplification. Trends in Cell Biology

    Walz S, Lorenzin F, Morton J, Wiese KE, von Eyss B, Herold S, Rycak L, Dumay-Odelot H, Karim S, Bartkuhn M, Roels F, Wustefeld T, Fischer M, Teichmann M, Zender L, Wei C-L, Sansom O, Wolf E*, Eilers M* (2014) Activation and repression by oncogenic MYC shape tumour-specific gene expression profiles. Nature 511: 483-487 *joined senior authors

    Wolf E*, Gebhardt A*, Kawauchi D, Walz S, von Eyss B, Wagner N, Renninger C, Krohne G, Asan E, Roussel MF, Eilers M (2013) Miz1 is required to maintain autophagic flux. Nat Commun 4: 2535 *joined first authors


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