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    Targeted Radiotherapy and Molecular Imaging

    This program is based on an interdisciplinary network of the Departments of Nuclear Medicine and Radiochemistry, Radiation Oncology, Internal Medicine, and Experimental Physics.

    Research on radiotherapy concentrates on better target definition, precision radiotherapy and advanced treatment delivery systems. In this program, both hard- and software solutions to improve conformality of dose distributions are being developed and are sequentially brought from silico to bedside.

    In 2011, one of Germany`s largest radiochemistry units has been launched at the CCC MF, comprising a high-energy cyclotron and two clean room facilities for the production of imaging biomarkers and radionuclide based therapeutics. Biomarkers visualizing tumor viability and proliferation, cell membrane turnover, and somatostatin receptor (SSTR) expression have been made available for clinical routine use and scientific applications.

    Program Coordinators: Michael Flentje, Andreas Buck


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